I.C.A.N. Family Services is a behavioral health and education agency focusing on troubled youth. 
We provide behavioral health services and our mission is to help at risk and disadvantaged youth develop the skills necessary to become successful and productive adolescents. With the Knowledge and humanity gained through services, to change their community and their own lives for the better. Troubled youth include but are not limited to a person under the age of 18 that is in need of behavior growth, struggle with substance addictions, violent and conflict resolutions as well as impaired social skills. We set ourselves apart from other agencies in our child focused model. Our goal is rehabilitation provided at an only needed basis allowing the children to lead normal lives in the community and not spend their most important days in services. We put focus on a child participating in after school activities when they are appropriate and will work with the youth's treatment team and the youth to determine what the best source of treatment would be. We are therapy driven and put an emphasis on community based services complimenting therapy. We are here to help the child when they need that little extra help. " Letting kids grow up as kids". 

Jeremy Setters CSW-I started this agency June of 2012 and has a total of 6 years working with troubled youth as Qualified Mental Health Associates. Jeremy was trained and in the field of Mental Health and Criminal Justice. 

Over the past year I.C.A.N. Family Services have worked hard to provide services that exceeds the expectation of our clients as well as their families and we understand that growth will occur at a much higher rate when all support teams can work together on the goals and specific growth needs of the child. We obtain a high expectation for ourselves and our staff. Professionalism, reliability, accountability, and efficiency has been a few key characteristic to the success of our growth.