Our services

I.C.A.N. Family Services provides the following services:


Mental health treatment service provided to a specific recipient for a presenting need by an individual therapist for a specified period of time. The amount, scope and duration of individual therapy services may vary depending on the stage of the presenting mental health need, treatment program and recipient’s response to the treatment approach. Individual is one recipient. Each direct one-on-one episode must be of a sufficient length of time to provide the appropriate skilled treatment in accordance with each patient’s treatment/rehabilitative plan. 

Therapeutic services include:




Neurfeedback (through referral)

Basic Skills Training (BST):
Basic skills training services are considered to be rehabilitative mental health interventions, that are designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairments and help to restore recipients to their highest level of functioning.
Some BST interventions include but are not limited to:

Communication skills      
Social skills
Parental training
Basic living and self-care skills

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services (PSR):
Psychosocial rehabilitative services are rehabilitative mental health interventions that are designed to reduce psychosocial dysfunction and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. Some PSR services may include:

Life goals
Behavior management
Moral reasoning
Effective communication
Social competency
Problem identification & resolution
Identity & emotional intimacy


Psychiatric services with a Board Certified Psychiatrist
We diagnose and treat a wide range of  psychiatric disorders, including but not limited to:

Amphetamine and other Psychostimulant Dependence
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Biploar Disorder
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Drug-induced Mental Disorders
Major Depressive Disorder
Marijuana Addiction
Nondependent Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Opioid Dependence
Psychosis due to Mental Illness
Schizophreniform and Schizoaffective Disorder

 Licensed therapists provide individual, family and group therapy. Services are available in office, in home and virtually.

I.C.A.N. Family Services provides BST/PSR/Therapy Services to clients that qualify for Medicaid services through Medicaid we also accept multiple insurances. Please contact us if you have any questions and we can work together on helping you.