Adults & Seniors (18+)

ICAN Family Services is the highest quality inpatient chemical dependency detox in Nevada. 

Every patient has a private room and receives comprehensive medical and therapy services.

ICAN’s inpatient detox has a ratio of 1 nurse for 5 patients. 

ICAN’s inpatient detox program helps individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction comfortably and safely manage the withdrawal symptoms that are often painful and can be dangerous to come off of without the supervision of a physician and use of medications to treat withdrawal symptoms.  

ICAN Family Services

2901 N Tenaya Way, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone:(702) 291-2151
Fax: (702) 780-0379

Inpatient Detox Facilities

Free transportation. Most insurances accepted, including Medicaid Fee For Services. Hablamos español.

Questions? Email us at

(833) 828-6329

ICAN’s professional staff understand that while a person’s brain might feel ready and willing to focus on sobriety and healing, that person’s body might still be under the influence of drugs. Until the brain and the body are in sync, recovery will be very difficult to accomplish.

Medical detox programs are designed to help. People enrolling in these programs provide their bodies with the opportunity to process leftover drugs and return to a sober, successful level of function. That work is done in a safe, secure, and supervised environment.

Our professionals strive to help people struggling with addiction and their families to get the help needed in order to build a sober future.

ICAN Family Services

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ICAN Family Services

In Their Words
"During treatment, I felt that the ICAN staff invested in my recovery; 
they gave me hope and helped me seek a positive perspective 
to a brighter future."

Our Inpatient Detox Center is Open 24/7.

If you are in need of help, night or day, contact our

Hopeline (833) 828-6329
You will connect with a ICAN professional who will assist with getting the help you need.